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1) Choose the cause for which you wish to contribute:

  • Annual Contribution(member ID): €20.00

  • Monthly Contribution: €20.00

  • Annual Philosophical Workshop Contribution: €60.00

  • Womb of Degrees (update from central Secretariat)

  • Sponsorship to the Eleonomeio of the MMSEE

  • Event (update from central Secretariat & Gallery)

  • Other

2)Choose the way that serves you the most

3) Make your transaction by writingalwaysin the justification your name and in the description what it concerns

You can choose PayPal and either use the balance in your PayPal account, or use your credit card:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


You can choose Viva Wallet and use your Viva Wallet card/account, or any other credit/debit card, or go through IRIS to your bank's environment and make the transaction through your e-banking:


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