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True revolution is made with the mind (D.Nanopoulos)

We are in the fourth industrial revolution, people are changing. They are turning into a biotechnology hybrid. In just a few years colonization on Mars will be a reality, memory will be stored on chips and there will be moon children. All this is no longer science fiction scenarios. Earth will be transformed into a technology park and most people will probably migrate to other planets. Those isolated will miss the train of progress.

We live in an era in which secondary needs dominate. We are characterized by exhibitionism at the level of economic, professional and general status quo. We have been destroyed as a society by neo-enrichment. There is nothing better than knowing what you want, what you desire, what fills your soul. How can you live without having something to look forward to? Lack of purpose can be a deadly threat.

True revolution is accomplished with the mind. To discover your path you need to possess an inner madness, ambition, courage, perseverance, drive and luck. To move forward with open horizons. To develop a restlessness within yourself.

The biggest mistake young people make is listening to their elders. Don't listen to the grown-ups. They are "broken" people and, unfortunately, they try to impose their own ambitions on their children. Creation is joy, wealth, happiness, the only spiritual refuge. Therefore, do not pay attention to things that have no value.

We are an accidental event. We are born and die alone. A mixture of coincidences, millions of protons and neutrons, a random universe. The result of a coincidence of events. There is no beginning, middle or end. Everything comes from nothing. New questions will always arise and we will always be looking for new answers.

I'm not afraid of death. I try, as much as I can, to prolong life. There is no afterlife. Religion is a human invention. The fear of death is the powerful force of religions. The important thing for me is that everyone leaves their imprint.

Love is an enduring interest. It is attraction, emotional and erotic. Life has certain time limits. It's from here to there. Therefore, we are lucky to exist. So live, therefore, driven by desires, wants, dreams. Away from compromise. Don't give in to what doesn't fill your soul. Take a risk. Go ahead and don't be afraid of failure. For there is no second life.

Source: lifo, antikleidi

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