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"When we were talking about freedom"

It is not simply a view that the "enslavement" of man has gone beyond the economic realm and is now spreading into his inner, spiritual world, turning him into a neurotic puppet, who until yesterday was convinced that he enjoyed the maximum degree of freedom and omnipotence.

The free man, a "magical image" that collapsed in an instant, as 3 minutes arrived on the 8 o'clock news and everything he took for granted, everything he considered his personal "property" was gone. Now, he is searching in areas he had discredited-emotionally, spiritually, psychologically-and with principles he thought supposedly watertight and unassailable..... but not....., for those things that can keep him upright and balanced in the new reality of spiritual and mental turmoil, economic and social instability, pain and loss, fear of possibility and even annihilation.

Humanity is being tested once again and man does not seem to be prepared even now and is content simply, submissively, to follow instructions. When this period of testing is over, of course, which will apparently be a long one, almost all of us will see the world with different eyes. Perhaps some of us will be better adapted - accepting the tragic aspect of human existence - to another balance in the world. Those who are quick to sketch a better or a worse future are likely to be seriously mistaken in their predictions. The only certainty, at present, is that the world is changing at a faster pace than yesterday. Historical time is thickening, but no one knows what the next day will look like.

But difficult times are being overcome with dignity and composure, without exaggeration and pomposity, maintaining our sense of improvement for the human species. Yes, the world, no matter how bad it is, can improve and so can we. Fortunately for the human race, there is continuity, as what Siren Kierkegaard described in his 1834 Diary is true: "There is, in every man, something that resists more than the sturdiest molar, something more clinging than an arm or a leg. His desire to live!"

So when we speak of freedom again, it is better this time to know what we are saying, what price we are ready to pay, what return we will receive in the end and most importantly... how to keep and preserve it in the future.

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