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Discovering the Secrets of the Matrix

Open event

Speech by the author & thinker D. Nomikos

  • With what eyes do we gaze at the mystery of life? With human eyes? With the Matrix mechanism?

  • In a life with infinite possibilities, why do we repeat the same pattern? In every level; Why are we the same yesterday, with the same thoughts and the same feelings? Because we take yesterday for granted and true. And we repeat it. 85% of thoughts are the same as yesterday. Every day we put the same additives, waiting for another sum.

  • What do you think you know, compared to what you really know, and how attached are you to that belief? This determines your flow!

  • I see what my senses allow me, my belief system, and what my emotions are interested in receiving. Essentially we see what we are able to see and not what exists.

This was followed by a small buffet reception where guests had the opportunity to discuss and ask questions to the author.

The event was free to attend and was attended by several dozen people.

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