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Faithful to the principles of Freemasonry, obeying our oaths and duties as Masons, we consider it necessary, as members of an Ancient and Honorable Brotherhood, to reaffirm the principles on which our Ancient and Precious Institution has been established, as a sign of respect for its views. humanity, and to state the cause that drives us to promote and defend these principles. We accept these truths as self-evident and universal:


We advocate that Masonry is a universal institution, an evolutionary continuation of the ancient traditions and philosophical systems of the human intellect, derived from the Right Word and having as its object the search for Truth. It is traditionally a philosophical institution, which must be on the ramparts of social progress, aiming at the spiritual and moral improvement of human society and the individuals that make it up.


As Freemasons we accept the absolute Freedom of Conscience, as well as the absolute tolerance - in the sense of respect - of any belief or doctrine.


Driven by this, we consider an essential value and right of every human being the free choice of his religious, philosophical and political beliefs and we accept equally every fellow human being regardless of gender, origin, race, religion, social class.


Seeking the continuation of the work of the Masonic Laboratories in the social environment and aiming at the transmission of the fraternal ties of the Freemasons and among our fellow human beings in society, we believe that the members of our Laboratories - from the first to the last - owe by personal example as honest members of society, to be agents of honor and integrity, to apply justice and to express in practice the love for fellow human beings in the family and social environment.


Absolutely respecting the freedom, rights and equality of all people, we are called to protect them within the framework of every benevolent state, respecting the privilege of its citizens to express their will through institutions and laws.


The noble moral mind, the Freedom of Thought and the search for the Truth, the Love and its practical manifestation as Solidarity and Respect for fellow human beings are the cornerstones personified in the members of our Brotherhood, in order to build the real, Real a harmonious society of perfect people, consisting of men and women free from passions, prejudices, ignorance and superstition.

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