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Diabetes & Woman

Open Event

In recent years, Diabetes has galloped, occupied, troubled and afflicted millions of people. Today it is considered the fastest growing "chronic disease" in the world. It is the new "scourge" of our time and is largely associated with our way of life.
Modern day life and fast pace of life have dragged everyone into a constant race of obligations, which increases stress and "steals" the quality of life. In particular, women, active and dynamic, offer the maximum of their potential every day in busy programs and obligations - which usually include studies, work, fitness, family care and various social activities - at a cost many times, the placement in "second place" maintaining their good health.

The Great Mixed Gallery of Freemasons of Greece on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day for Women, held an event on Sunday, March 8, 2020, 12: 00'-2: 00 pm, at the Roof at 49 Vresthenis Street, 1st floor, 11745 N.Kosmos (Syggrou Metro-FIX), which included:
- Coffee table and light branche buffet
- Free measurement of sugar and glycosylation by a specialized health visitor
- Examination of the lower extremities (where necessary)
- Speeches accompanied by visual presentation by specialized doctors.

This was followed by a discussion about diabetes as a result of life and the increased stress of modern man (with emphasis on women).

The event was free to attend and was attended by several dozen people.

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