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4+1 ways to participate. What do they mean/are?


Regular member means:
  • I have a regular member code ID

  • I enjoy all the privileges of the regular member with full access, participation and information to all the happenings of the MMSEE (decisions, sessions, events, happenings, etc. (administrative, introductory & online)

  • I am a member of the PRC Philosophical Research Circle

  • I'm getting all the Degrees


Online member means:
  • to have a code that "opens" further information and possibilities for tectonic knowledge (depending on the Degree)

  • to be able to participate equally in online meetings

  • to enjoy much of the privileges and opportunities of a regular member

If I am only an online and not a regular member of GMLFG ti is not able:

  • to receive Degrees

  • to participate in decisions

But I can apply to become a regular member whenever I want, without incurring adoption fees, if:

  • I have renewed my annual subscription at least once 

  • I have attended online meetings relevant to my grade (scheduled) without fail


Member of Philosophical Workshops means:
  • I have a regular member code ID

  • I have an additional code to access higher degrees (depending on my degree)

  • I attend all sessions (depending on my degree), regular & online

  • I'm getting all the Degrees (4,9,14,18)

  • I automatically become a member of PRC Philosophical Research Circle

  • I participate in all events, introductory (depending on my degree) & open

  • I have the right to visit the Symbolic Lodges (after information & permission of the Venerable)

  • I am informed by sending a newsletter


Solidarity Mason is:

Charity, benevolence, solidarity are 'the very character of the Freemason' and are his duty as a member of the Fraternity, which he receives and accepts from the first moment of his Admission.

In the difficult times that humanity is facing - often and especially often in the time continuum - man being next to his fellow man is an essential need, perhaps the most basic element for dealing with any critical situation.

Combining all this, but also the difficulty of time which is precious to modern man and the difficulty of many for regular and lifelong participation, the GRAND MIXED LODGE OF FREEMASONS OF GREECE created the 'SOLIDARITY MASONS'.

In order to become a SOLIDARITY MASON one should wish to offer and serve society and fellow man. 

His main task and obligation is to participate -through his presence- in programs, events, acts of solidarity organized by the MMSEE (distribution of food, clothing & basic necessities to the homeless, blood donation, support of vulnerable groups, institutions, etc.)

HE IS NOT BURDENED WITH ANY KIND OF PARTICIPATION (annual or monthly), but he 'must' - at his own discretion and will - contribute to the work of support & solidarity of the GMLFG through the Chariy Bag.

The privileges he acquires in this capacity are:

  • Has a special member code  ID (Solidarity Mason)

  • Can become a member of the Philosophical Research Circle (PRC Philosophical Research Circle)

  • Participates in events & online meetings (by invitation)

  • It is updated by sending a newsletter


The Philosophical Research Circle is:

Although we have entered the 21st century, the expectations placed in this era for a world of harmony and progress are far from being a reality at the level of culture, values and spiritual development in general. At the same time, technological progress - although its achievements are constantly emerging - is being used and dealt with which brings back to the fore social phenomena and intellectual regressions of previous eras. Ideally, it should contribute to a creative and evolutionary view of the role of each person, in a world where geographical and at the same time social and cultural boundaries are expanding and at the same time enriched with new challenges of knowledge and values, which require new views and approaches.


In an age like this where free, analytical and critical thinking is not encouraged to develop and broaden its horizons, the PHILOSOPHICAL RESEARCH CIRCLE it aims to provide the appropriate environment, as well as the required stimuli (individual and collective) for such exploration, under the distinctive framework of tectonic principles. Cultivating the creative dialogue and the birth of questions and concerns - in an attempt to overcome the traditional education, at the epistemological and social level that each of us has received - to offer the motivation for a 'personal awakening' of each participant and for a new consideration of the position of and of its interaction with the world, of which it is an integral component.

A discussion and research circle open to Masons and non-Masons and scheduled to meet online 3 times a year is waiting for you to join!

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