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for participation

Participation in group events and socializing with many people is allowed to those who:


* Have completed at least fourteen (14) days of COVID-19 coronavirus vaccination and demonstrate a vaccination certificate, or

* Have been diagnosed negative either in a laboratory test for COVID-19 coronavirus by the PCR method performed by smear or nasopharyngeal smear within the last seventy-two (72) hours before the scheduled time of onset, or in the presence of COV -19 (rapid test) within the last forty eight (48) hours before the scheduled event time. Negative diagnosis of laboratory test by PCR and rapid antigen detection test is proven by the presentation of a relevant certificate, or

* Demonstrate a disease certificate issued thirty (30) days after the first positive test and its validity lasts up to one hundred and eighty (180) days after it, or

* Demonstrate a certificate of vaccination of the European Union (digital certificate COVID) as well as third countries.

(All the above are checked for validity and confirmed through App Covid Free GR by scanning the Q R Code of each certificate / certificate)

We also do NOT FORGET to:

We necessarily wear our mask

We keep our distance

We often disinfect our hands

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