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Dear Brethrens & Friends,

We are ready to welcome the new calendar year with a grater braking on our smile and our optimism, our very reality.  A reality that seems to force us to rejoice and continue to live our "normal" lives, freely and with a perspective on an auspicious future, as we would like to believe.

And yet, this year's will be the Christmas we all, young and old, will remember.  No one will ever forget them.  These and together throughout 2020, as a year full of trials for humanity, which filled it with sadness, fear, instability, loss.


But Masons know the value and seek the benefit of the trial as an incentive for improvement and progress, so it's time for a great promise to return to what's essential:

To remain human, keeping the human warmth inside us and to share it with those around us.  Because isolation does not suit man.

To fight all together for the return to normalcy and together to choose how we will now ensure what we create. Because there is no value in life without freedom.

To set all our minds and hearts together in what unites us and activate our greatest shield, our soul and spirit, in achieving our common goal, so that the world we live in has a future and perspective!


Sincere wishes for a happy, creative, successful and productive New Year, with health, for everyone!

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