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Dear beloved Brethren and Friends,

Easter means a narrow passage. More or less what we are experiencing these days. A passage - a test with the fear of tomorrow that we do not know and what is to follow. We feel loneliness without those who we would like to accompany us in this difficulty. But there is hope, memories that are liberated, sweet tastes, aromas, smiles and dreams for the Easter to come, fills our emotions, thoughts and hearts and make the course a little bit better. It is time for great lessons that - whether we like it or not - will lead humanity to a new model of human existence.

The contribution of each one of us, is important, but which of us knows the right thing and what really should do? So, let us confidently surround the "truth" that will emerge from the depths of our consciousness and with hope for the future let us do what we know and serve… ... "We have no choice but to close our "most precious things" in a place that is safe and sacred […] ", in our hearts, where love nests, following the saying of the Apostle Paul in the First Epistle to the Corinthians:" […] even if a have all the faith in the world, so I can move mountains, if I don’t have love, then I have nothing. […] so, we are left only with faith, hope, love. From these three though, greater is Love”.


Happy Easter!

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