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Dear Brethren & Friends,


The new masonic year 2020-2021 begins. Let us welcome it, wishing everyone the Work of the Laboratories to be fruitful and constructive.


We are going through a difficult period for all of humanity with the pandemic crisis prevailing. A multifaceted crisis, which created a deep trauma, not only health, with serious consequences at the economic, socio-individual, political and institutional levels. A trauma that shapes the social consciousness, but also the emotional fields, which unfortunately came after the long economic crisis and may have significant consequences on the effectiveness of the efforts for the reconstruction of our society.


In these cases it is time to activate our knowledge from the teachings of Freemasonry. The time when our spiritual and psychic forces, as true Masons, must prevail and above all, Love and Solidarity must prevail and the bonds of Brotherhood between us and our fellow human beings must be strengthened. These bonds and their durability will be the safety net that will work for the benefit of all. We have a responsibility to offer each other as much as everyone can, the peace, tranquility and security that these times deprive us of.


Let's create new conditions!

Digitization, internet communication, the use of audiovisual media and digital media are the trend-response after the pandemic. Let's experiment with that. Let's create online channels of knowledge, communication, emotional feedback, evolution. Masonry is basically an experiential institution, we know this well. But experience is also the reality we live. Let us make it an ally. Let's get the most out of it. Let us be flexible, modern and above all let us be together!


Perhaps the solutions to the problems that concern mankind do not depend only on us. But what we can do, the actions that require the mobilization of our capabilities and forces, must be done. Times demand vigilance, society needs us and we know how to serve purposes!

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