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Dear Brethren & Friends,


Mason defines his course through the Solstices and the Equinoxes, where mysteriously imprinted, the harmony of the Universe is reflected. In this circular course of Light, the life of everyone on Earth is marked without exception.

The day of the Autumnal Equinox, in particular, is what determines the harvest time. As we gather and store supplies and goods to prepare for Winter, so we need to gather the "lessons" from the time we were born. Recognize the achievements, face the failures and prepare for the continuation of the "journey".


During this period, we are called to turn on our inner Light to illuminate our path, through longer nights. It is a time of conscious selfishness, a time of celebrating the building and strengthening of our inner life as the relationship between light and darkness changes in the world around us.


Together, as a result of the ordeal that governs humanity - through the unprecedented health crisis - fields of emotional, spiritual, mental and principles and balances are changing that could keep us standing in the new reality of spiritual and mental turmoil, of economic and social instability, pain, loss and fear.


We used to fight for prosperity. Now for survival. Times are difficult and they are more burdened with the "bad" human nature and the expression of vanity, selfishness, authoritarianism, intolerance, indifference and disrespect for fellow human beings.


But the success of Freemasonry is the efforts of its intellectuals, its teachings, the ethos of its choices, the style of its work and its greatness in the value it attaches to man himself and society, which through its Members, has vowed to serve and wants to make it better.


Let us welcome the new tectonic period 2021-2022 by continuing to carry out the "good fight" in our Laboratories, guided by purposes we know and serve, maintaining our optimism for the human species and remaining faithful to the principle that Light, Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth!

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