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Dear & beloved Brethren & Friends,

The weather phenomena this past summer and their almost erratic manner of expression, forewarn us of a coming winter that seems to be particularly difficult and distressing.

Besides, the day of the Autumnal Equinox, when our Masonic Workshops traditionally begin their work, is also the time when the increasing time course of darkness begins until the Winter Solstice and this prospect - at first sight - fills us with fear for the future and our lives.

We have been through a lot and what is coming to meet us is considered rather significant.

The inflation crisis increases the risk of social and working turbulences.

The ongoing energy crisis is causing congestion in the supply chain, rising energy and food prices, issues of scarcity and ongoing problems of not just living, but even survival.

The working environment, with exterminating hours and exhausting pay, is reminiscent of the Middle Ages and the rising of unemployment rates is a permanent condition.

The ever-decreasing quality in the life of the common man makes him even resent and distrust the efforts to mitigate the impact of these conditions.

And the pandemic crisis is not about to end and all the experts speak of the possibility that next autumn humanity will be faced with a fourth wave of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

And all this with wars breaking out so close and threatening our daily life and our future so directly and conclusively.

So it does indeed seem that darkness is increasing and indeed light is decreasing, but this ... is not entirely bad.

Perhaps if we use the time between now and the Winter Solstice for reflection, contemplation and reconstruction, we may be able to find ourselves and the purposes we serve on a brighter and nobler path. And perhaps if - as true initiates - we draw on the knowledge that just as natural phenomena repeat or work in opposition or are reversed, so too in our real lives, we can establish deep within ourselves - and share through our words and deeds with humanity - the strong conviction that what threatens and haunts us today will be followed by a better time to come, full of optimism, balance, solidarity, love, prosperity, peace, and happiness for all!

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