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Dear & Loved Brethren and friends,


Masonry as a philosophical, progressive and charitable organization, aims, as is well known, at the moral and spiritual improvement of its members and in general with its self-knowledge, search for truth, solidarity and moral principles leads to the spiritual, moral and cultural uplift of people, social groups and nations.


This year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the heroic Greek Revolution of 1821 and the above found application with the contribution of Freemasonry, with the pioneers R. Feraios, T. Kolokotronis, the founders of the "Friends Society" N. Skoufa, Emm. Xanthos, Ath Tsakalov and many others, who contributed in every way and stood themselves heroically against the enemy, sacrificing to the last drop of their blood for freedom.


The conditions at that time were complex and adverse, both inside and outside the political, economic, and military environment, but expediencies, interests, discord, personal ambitions, and selfishness were eventually abandoned. In the hearts of our ancestors the desire for freedom overcame all the negatives of our race and "Freedom or Death" prevailed, inheriting to us the youngest masons and not the right and the duty, with Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood, to develop our nation even more, holding indelibly in our breasts the same oath, for its course in perpetuity:


“[...] I swear to You, [...] In the following you want to be the cause and purpose of my meditations. Your name is the guide of my actions, and Your happiness is the reward of my efforts. [...] ".

(excerpt from the Oath of "Friends Society")


Happy Birthday Greece, Long Live Freedom!

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