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"PELTI" No.3

Symbolic Lodge

Βlowing sister of Phoenix, from the same womb, received the number 3 .


Pelti was nothing but a simple shield, a supply of humble warriors who did not have the resources for the required heavy armament that would include them in the main military corps of ancient times. Their belief in the high ideals of the defense of the homeland and freedom and their devotion to duty, transformed this lack of resources into a generative cause, crowning the bearers of success, with success in the fields of honor. The speed of their movements, their endurance and ingenuity in the development of initiatives and new methods away from the paved roads and their team spirit showed them in an exceptional body and imprinted in history their unique value. Their symbol is the engraving on the pulp of two oversized eyes, as a sign of the vigilance that commanded them.


Works for Works periodically in the first three Degrees, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Degree and represents the "Blue" Masonry.


Πέλτη 3: Text
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