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It was created in January 2018 by a group of Master Masons, with faith, love and respect for the masonic principles and ideals of Masonry as an ancient and universal institution, which contributes to the development of modern man and humanity in general.


The generative force of the Grandt Mixed Lodge of Freemasons of Greece was the Symbolic Lodge "PHOENIX" No. 1, which functioned as an autonomous and independent Lodge. In a very short period of time, two more Symbolic Lodges were created, the "GLAPHX" No. 2 and "PELTI" No. 3, while at the same time pilot Lodge of Perfection, Sovereign Chapter and Areopagi were organized and operated.


In January 2020, exactly two years after the first operation of the Autonomous Mixed Symbolic Lodge"PHOENIX" No. 1 and since all the Laboratories had successfully completed their preparation period, in a solemn event, the GRAND MIXED LODGE OF FREEMASONS OF GREECE with the Grand Master and the members of the Grand Council, the Sovereign Grand Coommander and the members of the Supreme Council , were officially presented.


The Grand Mixed Lodge of Freemasons of Greece follows, according to its customary part, the formulas and declarations of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, according to the Masonic Constitution of 1786, as revised in 1875 and adapted in 1920, for Mixed Lodges's work, also the Declaration of Principles, as agreed upon at its inception.


The Grand Mixed Lodge of Freemasons of Greece is autonomous and operates, in accordance with the responsibilities and privileges, which are described in the approved Articles of Association and its General Rules of Operation.


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