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The need to advance one's quest for knowledge beyond the Symbolic Degrees is a manifest condition even for those who initially professed to desire nothing more than Master Mason status.

After all, how can you accept that this impressive road that you were once given the opportunity to follow ends somewhere!

Therefore, for those who wish to study the Scottish Type in the Degrees of Perfection (4,9,14) and in the Supreme Peristyle, as Rosicrucian Knights (18), either because until now they followed another Type, or because in their own Masonic Power this does not exist possibility, the GREAT MIXED ROOM OF FREEMASONS GREECE opens its Workshops and welcomes those who are interested as its Members, with the same conditions and conditions that apply to regular Members (participation in all Work (for life & tutorials), annual contribution, performance of Grades etc.)

Choose from the main menu 'CONTACT' and apply now!

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