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Non-profit organizations - Voluntary donation groups - Initiatives

Start, choose and ... take the joy all yours!

A glance next to us is enough to understand how much the people around us need us and how lucky and blessed we are that we can offer and help. Weak social groups (children, the elderly, the poor, the homeless), people with disabilities & needs, and animals are some of our choices and suggestions. *

Surely there are many others.

Become a volunteer or make a donation. The decision is to participate and stand in solidarity with their needs, whoever they are.

* The organizations / groups proposed have no relation at the administrative level, nor do they belong to tectonic organizations.

Athens Nursing Home



Child's smile


For children victims of all forms of violence, children who disappear, children with health problems, children who live or are threatened with poverty

The Ark of the world

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For the care & protection of mother & child

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Supports the weaker social layers. It operates as a nursing home & a poorhouse

Lara quide dogs


Hellenic Society for the Protection & Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

Takis Shelter

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Hellenic School for Dogs-Guide for the Blind

Open art


Rescue of stray & abandoned animals (Ierapetra, Crete)

GMLFG for Charity

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Voluntary group that carries out artistic interventions in school buildings (especially where there is a greater need) and artistic events in the urban landscape.


We use all kinds of sponsorship to offer to society and our fellow human beings


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