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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Freemasonry or Freemasonry?

It is difficult to describe Masonry through a simple definition.

It is a global fraternity, a system of ethics and philosophy that uses symbolism, allegory through internal processes to point out self-evident truths.

What is the Purpose of Masonry?

Masonry seeks to destroy ignorance in any form - to fight superstition, fanaticism and selfishness with the aim of self-knowledge and solidarity between people.

Masonry or Freemasonry?

Both terms are used in modern times with the same meaning, often the word Freemasonry as an abbreviation of the word Freemasonry. The original meaning indicates the builder or mason (Mason in English) of the guilds of the Middle Ages. From the 14th c. meets the name Freemason (Freemason in English) denoting the builder who had the ability to either move around the area for work, regardless of commitment from the Guild, or had the training to complete a different category of construction work.

Is Masonry a religion?

Masonry is not a religion or a substitute for religion, although it uses religious symbols and concepts of different religions, analyzing their philosophical dimension. Although not a religion, the doors of Freemasonry are open to men and women who embrace any philosophy, religion or dogma.

Does Freemasonry have a dogma?

No, Masonry is an institution that promotes the absolute freedom of the spirit, while encouraging creative dialogue while seeking to ensure freedom and tolerance in its ranks.

Is faith in God a requirement to become a Freemason?

According to the ancient boundaries of Freemasonry, in order to be accepted into one's ranks, one must accept the Immortality of the Soul and recognize a Supreme Divine Principle, while at the same time being completely free to choose the way in which one will express them.

Why do you call God the "Great Architect"?

The term Great Architect is first found in Plato's Timaeus, describing it as a Creative Source. As a concept, this Creative Source is found, personified differently each time, in almost every known religion. Freemasonry, which does not accept any dogma *, and equally respects all religious beliefs and freedom of thought of people, uses this term of Platonic Philosophy as a neutral nickname, accepted by its members without prejudice to personal religious beliefs.

* "Dogma" (from the ancient verb doko): what one believes and presents as completely true, without having its correctness checked in advance, a strong belief in something whose supporters are not willing to discuss it rationally

Is Masonry a secret organization? What are his secrets?

The concept of secrecy in Freemasonry stems from the secrecy of the Medieval Construction Guilds, which, through codifications, symbols and member recognition procedures, defended their professional and social rights and has been preserved as a tradition. Today, in the context of the well-understood rights of the citizen in a benevolent society, on the one hand the meetings of the Masonic Lodges are private and open only to the members (practice common and acceptable to all social groups), on the other hand the Principles, the Constitutions and its Articles of Association are available and published as provided by law.

Does Masonry help build relationships?

Masonry is not intended for business, business or social networking and contacts.

What does Masonry have to do with politics?

According to Aristotle, man is a "political being", in this sense Masonry has a special interest in the commons and in the evolution of human society, of which it is a part and for which it aims at progress. But within the framework of the absolute freedom of thought that he exercises, he avoids interfering with the politics or the favor of a political faction, allowing each of its members to have his personal political beliefs and to exercise his political duties at his absolute discretion.

Why does Masonry use ritualistic events?

Masonry uses ritual events (dramatic presentation of myths, allegories and symbols) as a means of experiential experience in order to depict moral principles and philosophical values, but also their stronger and better impression than what reading can offer.

What is Mixed Freemasonry or Freemasonry for Men and Women?

Both terms are synonymous and denote the Masonic Organizations that practice Masonry, including men and women of all races, nationalities and religions as equal members.

How is Mixed Freemasonry different from Pure Freemasonry (Male or Female)?

Mixed Masonry, instead of introducing men or women only to its classes such as the Pure, recognizes women on an equal footing with men. It promotes equal rights for both sexes and absolute freedom of conscience. Men and women therefore participate equally in the Masonry work and receive the same obligations, rights and appreciation without restriction or discrimination.

Why should a Mason participate in a Tectonic Gallery?

Masonry is primarily an experiential experience and knowledge through participation in a Lodge. Through contact and interaction with the other members of the Stoa, he has the opportunity - in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance, equality and creative dialogue - to deepen, experientially and in practice, the most important moral values, in his relationship with the Divine and his fellow human beings - and at the same time to get to know the different point of view of each of his fellow human beings.

How can I participate in a Tectonic Gallery?

To become a Mason, one only needs to "knock on the door" of the Masonic Organization and ask for its membership. A necessary condition is the request to be made with free will and with a sure decision that has been taken after deliberation, being an effortless desire, decision and action.

What are the time commitments of a Masonic Lodge?

Time commitments depend on the Lodge to which one will become a member and can generally range from two to three times a month.

What is the age requirement for applying?

Eligible people are men and women aged 21 and over.

Does one have to have a Mason in the family to apply?

No, family relationships with Masons do not positively or negatively affect the entry into Masonry.

What does GMLFG expect from its members?

The Grand Mixed Lodgeof Freemasons of Greece wants its members to be possessed by high thoughts and values, to advocate in practice and to defend freedom of thought, the search for Truth, to fight Ignorance, to exercise freedom under law and justice , to defend the equality of all people, to be in solidarity with fellow human beings. Adhering to an honest and dignified attitude to life, to be living examples to be imitated and inspired by the society that surrounds them.

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