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From the beginning of its evolution, man has been thinking about the mysterious. From the distant dance of the stars and planets to the impenetrable riddles of birth, life and death, our minds have been captured by the mysteries of this universe. In the past, large temples and monuments were erected in the hidden secrets of nature. Today we are sinking deeper and deeper into the veil of science and human understanding, seeking knowledge that lies just beyond the shadow of our ignorance.


By its nature, the mysterious was a good reason for private exploration and secret gatherings. Not for the sake of hiding from those who want to learn, but rather for the protection of those who, when learning, will not face the wisdom revealed with due respect or who will use it to serve malicious purposes. Perhaps for this reason the mysteries of Mithras were practiced in underground caves and the Druids retreated to their sacred olive groves, safe from the misunderstandings of the unexpected.


Freemasonry is a continuation of this oldest of human traditions because it shares with its distant ancestors the same great thought that unites all the mysterious traditions: the knowledge of our origin and the vision of our destiny. Masonry contains the elements of the great circles of human history, from the rise and fall of empire and civilization to the individual births, lives and deaths that make up the human experience. He has gathered under his high veil the mystical teachings of all ages, which are no longer scattered in the winds of time.


  Masonry represents the modern embodiment of the ancient mystical tradition. This tradition, these great Mysteries, are not fictional fiction, they are the heritage of all people. Mysteries are the gateway to human evolution and the path to the future. They are the flame of Humanity and the continuation of their practice undoubtedly helps to maintain the radiance in the minds of people.

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