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For millennia, humanity has stumbled under the weight of the chains of ignorance and superstition that have persisted since ancient times. Many shadows have infected the human mind and have diminished the brilliance it must radiate. As human beings we have an almost unlimited ability to expand our imagination, but we also have a sincere desire to distinguish truth from falsehood and to better understand our place in this universe. This is an almost universal desire in each of us to separate the real from the unreal and to spread our findings to our fellow human beings.


The result of this endless search is Science. Science, the great light of human wisdom, has shattered the blurred shadows and chains of our species and allowed us to see through the clear light of day. Just as the chained man left Plato's Cave from the shadows and captives who had imprisoned him, so humanity left the ancient conquerors and took its first steps towards the maturity and freedom that comes from spiritual independence.


But something was lost in the relentless course of scientific progress. Once upon a time, not so long ago, the pursuit of understanding the world by science and the quest to understand God by observing the abstract, the ineffable, and the divine were united in their purpose and practice. The great minds of Science and Religion were often the same. Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle and Johannes Kepler and many other high figures of the Enlightenment planned to explore the physical world with the charm of the hidden secrets of Nature while leaving room for the presence of a finite mystery, a possible expression of a Divine presence.


It is this sense of admiration, gratitude and awe that have been freed from the materialistic worldview that now pervades the science of our modern world. We have spent so much to break the myth and break the chains of ignorance that we have forgotten that humanity is a dual creation and requires a space for the unthinkable, the undefined and the secret mysteries of the human heart. These mysteries that the fraternities of antiquity keep with zeal and fidelity.

  Although a time of division, examination and categorization may have been necessary to advance the knowledge of humanity from the darkness that surrounds it during the Middle Ages, it is time, as we stand at the dawn of a new era of human wisdom, to once again take on work of unifying the world in common understanding and truth. Masonry is at the center, observing all parts of the periphery of reality with equal stability, not pricing any part of Truth against another and leaving room for the mystical and unexplained as well as the inevitable realities of life and the harsh truths of human experience. Masonry and Science start from the same stock, participants of the same nature and shareholders of the same hope and can be combined in a coherent method of exploring the hidden mysteries of Nature.

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