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Masonry is not just a collection of symbols or moral innovations that exist only to help self-development. It is a living organism that breathes and has at its heart a "discussion" that has been going on for millennia. This discussion is the discussion of human history. It has no history in the way we think about it now, such as names and dates and battles to be memorized, such as the history of the winners of people's land games. Instead, it is the distilled experiences of the people, their struggles, their pains, their victories and their joys and their blackmails. These are the true style of human history, of experiential experience that has been faithfully transmitted to the safe and sacred repository of myth and legend.


  The characters of the myth and legend should not be considered as unreal or imaginary. This does not mean that they are accurate representations of people who actually lived, but do not live in an area of lies. The forms of our numerous myths and legends represent archetypes of truth, they are mergers of many real people who inhabited the time and circumstances described by their myths. Every time we tell a story we can not help it, but tell it with the materials we have. So every story is in a way a reflection of reality.


Masonry, with its ancient and original definition of the term, is essentially a philosophy. It is the love of wisdom as revealed to man by nature. The Nature that receives its knowledge and whose mysteries it seeks to penetrate is the Human Nature, this inevitable substance that is deep inside every human heart. This substance is imprisoned in the rough stone on which a Mason does his work and the tools with which he carries out this work are the tools of moral philosophy. With a right living, with honesty and with generosity his works are completed and it is the relentless love of Truth that allows him to turn his hammer with the same determination that allowed Socrates to drink the powder without a second thought.


Philosophy is an endless quest that will push the true seeker far beyond what could be imagined on a path he would take on foot. Philosophy requires action and the principles revealed through diligent study lead the Mason to the achievement of the Great Work, that which is available only to those who strive for what they love. What every pioneer is expected to attempt is with a sincere and strong intention to escape from the prison of ignorance.

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