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Symbolic Lodge

Founding Lodge of GMLFG, is its generating force. It got its name from the mythical bird, as the story of its creation is largely about rebirth.


"I am reborn from the ashes".


It was named 'Phoenix' from the word 'phoenix', meaning 'purple' and the legend states that it is a beautiful bird that looks like an eagle and a peacock and is both mortal and immortal.

No one has ever seen him eat, he does not fly here and there for no reason, his tears are incense and his blood is balm and his wounds heal immediately.

It is also said that it existed from the beginning of the creation of the universe, even before the birth of the Gods, and thus possesses knowledge and secrets of life that even the Gods do not know.

At the end of the centuries it was connected and became a symbol of fire, Divine Grace, virtue, compassion, death and rebirth, and the Sun that 'dies' every sunset and is 'reborn' every dawn.


Works for Works periodically in the first three Degrees, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Degree and represents the "Blue" Masonry.

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