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Masonry is an ancient system designed to impart morality and ethics and to teach mutual service to its members. Instead of lecturing or preaching, Masonry chooses to perform ritual degrees - each with its own teachings - and to use symbols and teachings. Thus, the Freemason teaches through experience and de-symbolization the principles of justice, selflessness, self-denial, mutual respect, tolerance and many others and through them he becomes able to help his fellow man, but also himself in the best way .

In essence, Masonry is a great quest for Light and its members are Knights and Patrons of this Light and Seekers of Truth.

A Tectonic Order is based on the principles of human solidarity, freedom of conscience and brotherhood. It places no restrictions on the search for truth, and in order to secure this freedom, it demands the greatest tolerance of all its members. For a Freemason, freedom of thought, speech and action belongs to all mankind, regardless of race, religion or gender.

According to the ancient statement of Freemasonry, Freemasons assert the existence of a supreme power called the "Great Architect of the Universe", but at the same time leave absolute freedom to man and his logic to determine the characteristics that will attribute to him. Masonry, after all, is not a religion and has no theology, dogma or promise of salvation. However, it is an organization that seeks to help each member in the search for the Truth and requires each member to be tolerant of the beliefs of others, no matter how different.

According to tectonic ethics and ethics, Masons are (or can potentially be) any individual, men and women of any race, religion or color, with a strong moral character, devotion to duty and contribution to society and faith in man and man. future of humanity.

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