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Summer Solstice Celebration 2018

Invitation to Brethren

Symposium Night

"Once in so many"

said King Solomon,

watching his quarries pierce the stone

"We will pick the garlic, the wine and our bread

and we will dine together under my throne

and all the brothers will come to this bank

as fellow craftsmen, nothing more nothing less!

Send a fast boat to Hiram of Tire

who logs and sends -with his boats- the trunks of the beautiful trees.

Tell him what the brothers and I want!

Talk to them too - our brothers who sail the points.

Tell them it's a joy - great for all of us -

to meet together

at this bank here,

as fellow craftsmen, nothing more, nothing less! "

Rudyard Kipling Banquet Night

The Feast of the Summer Solstice is a reminder to renew ourselves above all. Our earthly life is governed by our intentions and actions. We change the world around us as much as we change ourselves.

Following the tradition of the initiation ritual of meeting around a bank, let us remember that we share not only the material food, but mainly the emotions, our spiritual work, the virtues and the morality that we have acquired.

"Pure in Soul,

Honest with our actions,

Faithful to our principles ...

... let us love Ads :. us as ourselves,

being true and just Masons. "

2018 Θερινό Ηλιοστάσιο: About
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