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How much can our Earth take? It's been tired for a long time!

For years she has been angry at human cruelty. She warned many times, but her anger was not enough to bring the world community to its senses.

Experts have repeatedly sounded the alarm about climate change, that time is running out for the planet. About two and a half years ago, fifteen thousand scientists, in a letter to humanity, warned that 'neither governments, nor citizens, nor anyone else, is doing enough to stop the evil.

The Earth was sending out its signals that something uncontrollable and wild could happen, but greed was outweighing the danger. Even the bees were beginning to disappear.

Instead of uniting the planet, globalisation has disorganised it. Extreme competition between states and economic giants caused explosive situations without rules of the law and morality.

The widening of economic and social inequalities has led to the most extreme forms of poverty, in small and large countries, in rich, developing and underdeveloped countries. The powers of powerful states have been occupied by authoritarianism, which has shown itself unprepared and yet dangerous in the face of unprecedented crises.

Many strange things have happened in recent decades. Not even the step that separated fanaticism from brutality existed anymore. The tragedy of wars and armies of uprooted people along with ''human streams'' of immigrants were still some of the pieces that put together the puzzle of human misery.

The Earth was constantly showing that its strength was dwindling and the timeframe was narrowing. So it seems that the time came when it decided that it needed a pause, a rest to shake up the universe. To stop the air pollution and the rape of nature, to bring back solidarity and peace.

Day by day, the coronavirus is changing our way of life, without class distinctions. Stock markets are crashing, planes are grounded, countries are dying. The Earth was looking for peace and balance. This may be an opportunity for a reset, for its reboot and salvation.

SOURCE: HellasJournal

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