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James Webb Telescope findings as a motive for Spiritual Seeking.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

The James Webb sophisticated telescope built in 1996 was launched in space in 2021. The images presented on 12/7/22 signify a new age considering the comprehension of the world. The telescope recorded a vastness of galaxies existing from the very beginning of the universe. Actually it offered a glimpse of the long past thus building expectations for even more significant explorations.

By focusing on the infrared parts of the cosmic spectrum scientists discovered about 5000 exoplanets and achieved to obtain high resolution images and also study their atmosphere. Moreover another fact of great importance is that the telescope captured the distinct signature of water on exoplanet WASP 96-B.

As Science evolves the vastness of the universe keeps being confirmed and scientists are on the constant search of discovering its secrets in order to solve the cosmic riddle of creation.

As time goes by and whenever such a big discovery is made human’s ignorance of the truth gets confirmed.

The more facts we discover about the world, the more questions arise. Science strives to equalize with God, and humanity each time realizes its pettiness in relation to the divine.

The comparison between scientific approach of the world’s creation and that of the Genesis leads to the realization of them presenting the same narrative manifested in a mythical-mystical way.

Following the same path freemasons are constantly trying to comprehend the spiritual truth by using parables and myths through initiation processes aiming at understanding by stimulation of the senses and building their inside world.

The universe is vast and inconceivable, involving both chaos and creative order just like God. The conceptualization of this greatness will forever be humanity’s substantial desire.


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