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"The love that does not carry within itself the seed of sorrow and death is the subject of comedy".

D. Liantinis


Love and death "As the wise men and poets have to teach us, and as our personal embodiment and experience, that is, the test of life, has to show us, two are the highest peaks of the catapulting course of our life. The experience of love, and the experience of death.

Love and death are two moments absolutely unique to each of us. Neither can two people experience their love in the same way, nor can they experience death in the same way.

The devious Macbeth experienced very different things in his death from the tragic Othello. To take two of Shakespeare's heroes.

And Nastasia Philippovna experienced entirely different things in her love than Jocasta. To get two characters from the tragedy of Dostoevsky and Sophocles.

Whenever two people fall in love, the universe is born. Or, to shorten the range, every time two people fall in love, a star is born with all its protoplanets.

And every time a person dies, the universe dies. Or, to shorten the range, every time a human dies on earth, a supernova star explodes in the sky.

So, in terms of substance, love and death are not just background elements. They are not two mere statements of instrumental life.

More broadly, and more distantly, and more profoundly, love and death are two universal laws between which the dialectic of the universe unfolds. That is, the active process of all inorganic and instrumental matter. They are the Alpha and Omega of the universal world and the universal God. It is the being and the zero of being. Its two half and brotherly components.

Outside of love and death primarily there is nothing else. But neither is it conceivable to exist. The ninety-two elements of matter were raised to serve love and death. All four fundamental forces of nature, electromagnetic weak strong gravitational, work to serve love and death.

All beings, phenomena, and actions of the world are expressions, incarnations, partialities, coefficients, of love and death.

Therefore love and death are brothers and sisters, they are complements, both aspects of the same person. He is the handsome Endymion, so to speak. Who, sometimes awake, rests his head tenderly on the breasts of the Moon and looks into her eyes. And at other times he sleeps the sleep of the dead under her infinitely silent gaze.

With only three demonstrations, but illustrious and Greek, I will remind you that love and death are the same thing.

First, Heraclitus' blocked 15: "Hades and Dionysus in and of themselves."

Second is the verse of Solomos: "Once love and death are so strong."

Third is our glorious demotic fifteen-syllable song: "Either love, or death, you have no choice".

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